Return Authorization


Customer & Vendor Return Management Made Easy



Return Authorization provides a quicker and more efficient way for logistics professionals to process and manage their customer and vendor returns.

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Manage repairs & replacements

The system keeps track of products that need repairs or replacements, in addition to products that only need to be returned and refunded.



Coordinate customer & vendor returns

Manage both the process of customer returns to you and the process of your returns to vendors within one system.



Track Returned Products

Additional tools are available to help you track the status of returned items to identify situations that need follow up attention.




A place for every detail

Capture complete shipment details with fields for everything, including type of product, carrier/vendor pickup information, customer/carrier contact information and bill to information.


Simple Data Analysis:


Identify problem vendors

Review returns by vendor to identify vendors who generate high numbers of returns, or vendors who decline returns. Use this information to review true costs and negotiate vendor pricing.

Visualize key data

Map returns by product and region to find claims with misleading marketing information. Graph returns by reason to identify ordering issues.

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