Our Mission

Building innovation through software


Our mission at TranSolutions, Inc. is to use the latest work management technologies to effectively minimize the time, cost, and mental burden associated with processing freight claims. By reducing losses, we allow our clients to increase profitability. Through relieving the soft costs of wasted time and drained mental energy, we greatly empower our clients to focus on the projects that will drive their businesses forward.

State of the art technology

The MyEZClaim family of products are fully cloud based in order to increase accessibility and provide visibility .

Supportive Customer Service

Our customer support team is dedicated to your success. We offer telephone support during business hours and 24/7 email support.

Continuous Improvement

Our goal is to constantly improve our products and services. The MyEZClaim family of products has grown and evolved based on customer feedback and requests. Our desire to better service our customers is what drives our innovation forward.