MyEZClaim™ is the only web-based platform composed of several powerful business solutions for the management of your cargo claims.



MyEZClaim™ is built with the user in mind, making it the easiest way to manage and file your claims for optimized claim management.

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Organizing Power

MyEZClaim™ integrates the most powerful work management features in the transportation arena.

✔ Enhanced productivity tools

✔ Expanded navigational bar, which allows you to quickly switch to functions you use frequently

✔ Extensive search function, making entering claim information easy and organized



Entirely Web-based

The MyEZClaim™ platform and all of its components were designed from the ground up to embrace Internet technology.

✔ Technological consistency

✔ Integrates them with other Web-­based software or your legacy TMS software

✔ TranSolutions maintains all components of the application



Powerful, Scalable Enterprise-class Solution

MyEZClaim™ delivers feature-rich claim information that covers the depth and breadth of report and analysis that is critical to effective management and recovery of your cargo claim dollars.

✔ Robust Web-based Ad Hoc

✔ Manages reporting and analysis solutions

✔ Emerging trends on carrier and shipping performance



Easy to Implement and Use

We will load all the data record lookup addresses (carriers, shipping locations, customers and claimants) along with your product files. After your training session, creating a claim is as simple as pointing your mouse on the drop ­down lookup table, selecting your data and populating the data entry screen.

✔ Organizes shipment information

✔ Captures claim activity information

✔ Viewing and reporting is easy and intuitive


MyEZClaim™ lowers your costs and saves you time

 Offers "real-world" solutions to work management problems.

Keeps a complete history of all the claim records, transactions, and carrier correspondence.

Shows overdue claims at a glance.

Provides detailed management reports for carrier performance reviews.

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