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Insurance in the New Age of Piracy

If you ship near the coast of Somalia or the Strait of Malacca, piracy is a risk you need to take into consideration. With such a vast variety of marine insurance policies, it is important to ensure that you have the coverage that you need in the event of an attack.

Warehouse Receiving Process Checklist

Having a standard warehouse receiving procedure in place is crucial to improving your success at reclaiming losses due to freight damages. Download our customizable warehouse receiving checklist here.


Best Freight Broker Claim Prevention Tips

Recovering freight claim losses can be even more difficult if you’re working with a freight broker. Learn how to choose the best freight broker to prevent claims and other hidden costs in this 6-page ebook.

Freight Claim Flow Chart

Want a visual guide to managing freight claims? Download our handy color-coded flow chart.


What is Blockchain Anyway?

Struggling to understand what blockchain is and how it works? Here's your plain-english guide to blockchain.