Ways to Reduce Fuel Use in Truck Fleets


Fleet Owner’s Michael Roeth recently wrote an article describing multiple ways to reduce fuel usage in truck fleets.  He includes a total of ten in his original article, and below is a summary of just a few of those items. Check out the full article, linked at the bottom of the page, to read about the rest.

Fuel use is both expensive and harmful on the environment when it is done carelessly and in high quantities.  Roeth has compiled some ideas on how to improve the fuel use in your trucking fleet.

One of the ways that fleets are becoming more efficient is through the use of solar panels.  Because a truck’s battery is under more stress than it can efficiently handle in some cases, solar panels are being attached to trailers in order to give the rig more power. By putting less stress on the vehicle, it can run much more efficiently.  Another suggestion in the article is to use trailer tails. The “aerodynamic drag” created by the flat back of a normal trailer pulls on the truck, causing it to use more fuel than necessary. The use of a trailer tail increases the aerodynamic abilities of the trucks and makes for smoother sailing.

As we have heard before, driver training and education on how to run their vehicles appropriately and efficiently is one of the most important pieces in proper fuel use.  The article talks about how the driver “may have as much as a 20 to 30% impact on over fuel efficiency”. When this is summed across a whole fleet, or across all of the trucking fields of one nation alone, the results can be staggering.  Proper education for the truck drivers themselves on fuel efficiency and information on how their vehicles run and use fuel can make a huge difference in the way that fuel is utilized.

Be sure to check out the full article to read about all ten ways that trucking fleets have upped their fuel efficiency practices: https://www.fleetowner.com/ideaxchange/10-fuel-saving-technologies-make-your-fleet-more-efficient