Truck Drivers Should Be Paid Hourly


Business Insider’s Rachel Premack recently wrote an article about a ruling from a federal judge in Arkansas, about the way that truckers are paid for doing their jobs.  Read on for a quick synopsis of the original article, and see the link at the bottom for the original post.

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road, and not all of that time is compensated for appropriately.  With truckers being paid per mile, instead of being paid per hour spent in their vehicles, this means that there are gaps in time where they are not making as much as they should be, for a variety of reasons.  Being stuck in traffic will reflect less miles driven, and drivers may not be paid accordingly. Also, if drivers are paid per mile, they are not receiving pay for the time they spend waiting on shipments to arrive at warehouses.

Arkansas is a unique state for this action to be taken in, because “Arkansas has stronger labor laws than the federal government”, according to the article.  The goal is to allow as many individuals as possible to benefit from this movement. Truck drivers are in their vehicle for long hours each day, and they should be paid for the work they are doing, whether it be waiting for a shipment or moving it across the country.

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