Transportation Management Systems Enhance Customer Satisfaction

An article recently posted to Food Logistics covered the topic of Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and how they are used to increase the customers’ satisfaction when it comes to efficiency and reliability.  Read on for a quick synopsis of what valuable information the article reported:

In the beginning of the article, a good point is made: “Nearly every product is a commodity these days--competition for customers is no longer won with product alone.” We no longer shop solely for what we are looking for; our decisions on where and how to buy products has become heavily influenced by how and how quickly our purchases can reach out front doors.  How do supply chains become organized to meet our on-demand expectations? One simple answer is a reliable and efficient TMS.

A quality TMS gives insight into the options available for getting a shipment where it needs to go, and how it needs to get there.  Using tools such as a TMS helps to “drive supply chain decision making and ultimately help companies meet changing demands of their customers” as said in the article.  TMS also help to cut costs for the company as well, they can help you to make cost-effective shipment decisions, and decrease the likelihood that time will be wasted during the process of shipping.  This time saved is helpful especially when dealing with perishable food and other time-sensitive products. Quicker turn-around times also lead to a more satisfied customer and a better chance they will shop with you again.

  Yet another positive to having a TMS in place is that it can “let people see in real time where their order is” allowing the customer to know a “delivery day and time versus a ship date range”.  Consumers like to know where in the world their product is, and how soon they can expect to see it. Visibility in the supply chain has always been important, and with the rate of technological advancement, it is expected to only become more clear and open.  Finding a TMS that is right for your company’s needs can make a big difference, when it comes to customer satisfaction and profit over time.

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Brianna Celestina