Transportation and Logistics Council Fall Seminars


The Transportation and Logistics Council fall seminar schedule has been announced!  For those of you interested in learning more about “freight claims, freight contracting, and transportation law”, these three day-long seminars are just for you. 

Seminar One (presented by Gerard F. Smith, Esq.) will include information from Freight Claims in Plain English 4th Edition, and registration includes a copy of the book itself.  At this seminar you can learn about a variety of topics including: “carrier liability, bills of lading, burdens of proof”...and much more!

Seminar Two (presented by Raymond A. Selvaggio, Esq.) covers the topic of contracting in the realm of transportation and logistics agreements.  Here you will learn about “the practical and legal aspects of contracting for both purchasers and providers of transportation and logistics services”, along with a review of other need-to-know information on this subject.  With this seminar’s registration fee, you will receive a course manual.

Seminar Three (presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.) discusses the ins-and-outs of “legal and financial risks” in the supply chain.  The seminar is aimed at providing workable knowledge and helpful information for those doing the hands on work. Some of the topics at this presentation will include: “Bills of Lading and Contracts in a Nut Shell”, and “Cargo insurance and cargo liability insurance” along with many other valuable ideas to discuss and learn.  The fee for this seminar includes a Course Handbook of over 190 pages. 

Check out this link to T & LC’s website, where you can read more about each seminar, see the full schedule, and register! 

All credit goes to T & LC and their site.