Transportation & Logistics Council 45th Annual Conference


The Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that is committed to educating those involved with the transportation and logistics industry--and all individuals touched by this area--on the current information and issues regarding the transportation of cargo.  Since its foundation in 1974, the council had educated thousands of people through their seminars, texts, and educational materials. They not only provide necessary education and information about the industry--they also open up opportunities to network with others involved in the industry.

It is almost time for the 45th Annual Transportation & Logistics Council Conference!  

This year’s event will be held at the Hilton Memphis, in Memphis, TN. It will take place during the dates of March 25th-27th, 2019.  Throughout this Monday-Wednesday, there will be a variety of Workshops and General Session presentations for the attendees to visit.

Some of the Workshops include:

“The Amazon Effect”: This workshop will include the discussion of what the modern day consumers expect because of quick and easy online shipping--and how the shippers and carriers have had to adjust their logistics and shipping methods to keep up with demand, including the use of Uber drivers.

“International Trade”: This workshop will cover the current policies that stand on international trade, how tariffs are affecting U.S. trade, and how all involved are handling the changes that came with the new administration.

“Meet the Experts”: This workshop is the perfect opportunity to have any transportation and logistics question answered  by a top professional in the field. Attendees will be able to have a 10-15 minute Meeting with a presenter or panelist of their choosing, speaking with them one-on-one.

The General Sessions also cover a variety of imperative topics: “Loss Prevention and Mitigation of Damage”, a “Transportation Industry Update”, and even “Freight Claims--Questions & Answers”.  Along with all of the interesting and informative topics and speakers, there will also be a few networking opportunities for the attendees of the conference.

Members of the Transolutions, Inc. team will be attending this year’s conference in Memphis, and we will have a booth set up to speak with conference participants.  If you have any questions regarding how to efficiently and effectively process freight claims, be sure to stop by the TranSolutions booth to discuss some exciting new features of our MyEZClaim product.

If you are interested in attending this beneficial and informational conference this year, click the two links below to read more about this opportunity and learn how to register. 2019 Conference Program Website How to Register to Attend