Tracking Technology Can Cut Down on Cargo Theft


Freight Waves’ staff writer Vishnu Rajamanickam recently posted an article about cargo theft, and the way that tracking technologies can slow down and eliminate the amount of cargo theft that we are seeing currently.  Read on to see what Rajamanickam had to say about the tracking and tracing technology that can dismantle cargo theft operations:

According to the article, cargo theft accrues “losses of over $15 billion every year within the U.S. freight market”.  Rajamanickam points out that there is not a be-all, end-all way to stop the thieves in their tracks, but he does discuss something that can greatly limit the ability of cargo thieves to steal goods: track-and-trace technology. 

This technology can follow products from beginning to end of their production and shipping journey. When placed on or within the product itself, the technology is much more beneficial than simply attaching the tracking device to the products shipping container or box.  With small, cost-effective devices used to follow the cargo along its journey, it becomes nearly impossible for cargo thieves to intercept the cargo and steal the goods.  

Knowing where the cargo is at all times is one of the important factors that minimizes your risk of being negatively impacted by cargo theft.  Track-and-trace technology is something that can greatly reduce the risk of cargo theft as well. Protect yourself and your product from those looking to steal it, and check out the full article to learn more about this technology and how it is used: 

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