Tips and Tricks to Protect Your Deliveries


With the modern move to online shopping, we sometimes forget about the actual process of shipping and handling the boxes needed to bring us what we clicked to purchase online.  Cargo theft is not just something that occurs in large amounts, off of company trucks or trains. Theft can occur on your own front porch as well.’s Jason Cohen recently wrote an article covering this theft issue, and gave us suggestions on how to protect our product deliveries.  Here is a quick synopsis on what he had to say:

Online shopping is convenient, accessible, and easy.  The difficulty arises when we are not around to receive the package when it is delivered.  This allows for windows of time when thieves may come and steal your products.

About one in four people has concern that their deliveries will be stolen, according to the article.  Around the same percentage of individuals has invested in technology that will help protect them and their purchases, such as a security camera or a video doorbell.

For people with hectic lives that keep them away from home many hours of the day, it may be worth it to invest in some of these gadgets in order to keep an eye on your deliveries while you are away.  Spending money once to purchases these protective services can be less expensive in the long run than losing product after product to thieves.

The article goes on to list these protective products, things like video-cameras at your doorbell, and Amazon lock-boxes at another location.  For more information, and to see which gadget would be right for you, check out the full article by clicking on the link: