Tips for Truck Driving: Holiday Edition

tips-for-holiday-truck-driving_transolutions has a very informative article on their website regarding safety tips for truck drivers to follow during holiday seasons.  

Here are the important tips to ensure safe driving for everyone during a season filled with gift giving, holiday cheer, and crowded roadways:

Although the holiday season is not yet upon us, it will be here before we know it.  The roads will begin to fill up, as everyone tries to get to their childhood homes, to see in-laws, or to surprise an old friend.  We all want to be as safe as possible when travelling, and this chance is only increased by the tips the article offers to truck drivers during this busy time.

It is first very important to stay within the hours of service limits.  Remaining within the 11 hour time limit everyday will avoid driver burnout.  Included in this is the idea that drivers should keep themselves well fed and well rested.  No shipment is more important than driver safety! Another tip: choose a lane and stay in it, only changing when necessary.  Going back and forth will not do you nor the other drivers on the road any good. The article recommends the right lane as your best bet.  Keep your fuel tank full, it adds more weight to your rig and avoids running out of gas in the case of heavy and unexpected traffic. Remember that bridges will ice before ground-level roads will, so drive smart when approaching one.  

Patience is a virtue year round, but it can be life-or-death during the holidays.  Leave extra room between you and vehicles in front of you. Braking distance increases with bad weather, and black ice can be anywhere.  The article also recommends avoiding the “Jake Break” because of these icy conditions. Make sure that your headlights are in full working order, so that you can see the road and other drivers can see you. Be mindful of construction zones, and avoid the increased speeding fines by keeping within the limits.  The construction workers want to be safe, just as you do, so be cautious when driving through narrowed areas.

While this may seem like a lot to take in, it is all common sense.  Be mindful when driving during holiday seasons, and keep an eye out to avoid preventable accidents and injury.  Remember, there is no greater gift during the holiday season than everyone making it to their destination safely.  Presents are just a bonus.

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