Tips for Finding a Perfect Warehouse


A warehouse for your company is like a home for your family; it must be a place where you can store important goods, encourage good communication and logistics planning, and it must be compatible to your needs as an organization.  Jimmy Gladcock from posted an article on some key tips for finding a perfect warehouse for your company. Let’s take a look at what suggestions he has:

The first thing that Gladcock stresses is time management; although you need a warehouse compatible with your list of “must-haves”, you cannot wait forever pondering if you want to seal the deal.  He calls the current market one in favor of the landlords--and if “you snooze, you lose...a warehouse.” Don’t get shut out of purchasing your desired warehouse. Think smart, but think fast, also.

Why is there a sudden surge in warehouse purchasing?  Simple: “this trend, as most trends in business, has firm roots in the economy.”  Since things have been going pretty well for manufacturers and shippers, they are making big strides in going for warehouses that they may have previously had their eye on.  Another reason for this spike in warehouse buying is the amount of e-commerce in which society takes part. Because suppliers are offering short shipping times, as low as the common 2-day shipping, there needs to be a multitude of warehouses across the country in order to promote accessibility and smooth movement of freight.  As companies grow, so does the size of the space that they need in order to expand. And that means the purchase of bigger, better warehouses. Company profits are on the rise, and this is also driving up the price tags on the storage buildings. Something that may slow this rapid increase, however, is the ever looming tariff war that is happening internationally as of present.  

All this valuable information is not meant to send you rushing off at once, large amounts of money in hand, to secure the nearest, most valuable warehouse.  While the purchasing of another or a new warehouse is not a decision to be rushed or taken lightly, it is one you must make with some urgency. Do your research, know your price point, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  An informed buyer leads to a more satisfying purchase. Don’t be afraid to up-size your business, but don’t be surprised when you see a larger warehouse price tag.

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