Things to Know Before the Holiday Season: Shipping Edition


Logistics Brief recently posted an article by DC Velocity Staff regarding the upcoming holiday season.  A multitude of orders will be placed: for food, toys, and holiday joy! With all of the orders comes the need for someone to make, package, ship, and deliver the goods.  This article provides tips on how to have a smoothly-running holiday season in the business of shipping.

For starters, it is of utmost importance to remain transparent with customers about shipping times and carrier availability.  It is best to remain in contact with the consumer and keep them updated on any issues with their orders, be it delays or damages, even the occasional lost shipment.  It is also important to keep your packages clearly labeled--not only during peak holiday seasons, but year round as well. Make sure to keep bar codes completely visible.  Another way to increase the flow of shipping is to be aware of the holiday calendar. Be aware of the number of transit days necessary to keep orders shipping on time. Most carriers have reduced holiday hours, and that is something to keep in mind as well.

If shipments necessitate special attention and first priority, like medical supplies or perishable, make sure to make note of this.  The article also urges the shipper to adequately insure shipments, in order to avoid unnecessary losses from damages. A final suggestion from the reading is to request help from a 3PL in order to better handle the surge in orders during the holiday season.

Check out the full article on how best to handle the holidays: