The Supply Chain is Changing


Logistics Brief recently featured an article by BlueGrace Logistics on their blog, and the information is pertinent to our ever changing economy and world.  All credit goes to the original authors. Read on for a summary of the changes we are seeing in supply chains:

The freight industry is changing at a rapid pace.  There has been more change occurring recently than we have seen in the past 25 years, according to the article.  

Technological advancement plays a major role in this. Computers and machines are more powerful than ever; the data they can process is seemingly limitless.  Artificial Intelligence is also rearing its head; the smarter machines become, the less error there is from hiccups in human processing. On the transportation end, autonomous trucks, drones, and blockchain data storage are on the rise.  The combination of all advancements is moving the supply chain along, full speed ahead. In order to keep up, it is important to utilize the latest technologies wisely and involve the advancements where they can best benefit your company’s needs.

A more inclusive list of all of the “driving forces” moving the supply chain along include: 1) Technological advancements, 2) Rising U.S. economy, 3) The effect of companies such as Amazon, which change the way consumers view products and shipping times, and 4) A tightening of regulations coming from the government.  

It is important to keep up with the current happenings in the logistics and transportation industries; snoozing will cause you to lose out on maximized profits and customer service.  Check out the full article to read a flushed out version of what is happening with supply chains: