Supply Chain Cybersecurity: A Necessity


The security for supply chains in the physical world has been greatly discussed, but the cybersecurity of supply chains has not been given enough thought as of late.  Deborah Abrams Kaplan at Supply Chain Dive recently published an article about this topic, and it is important information to consider. Read on for a quick synopsis of what she had to say regarding the cybersecurity of supply chains:

With the rapid advancement of both supply chains and the technology used to grow them, we have seen a lack of movement in the limited growth of cybersecurity.  Because of the “interconnected nature of the supply chain, a hacker can knock out one or two nodes and a hack becomes hugely problematic, potentially jeopardizing an entire business” according to Kaplan in her recent article.  One small incident does not occur in isolation; it is important to be aware that any breach into a system can affect an entire supply chain.

While there needs to be more attention placed on secure cybersecurity as technological advancements are made, it appears that companies are not considering this as much as they should be.  Having a hacker infiltrate your system can not only take it down temporarily, it can erase them permanently if there is not a good backup in place. Considering bolstering your cybersecurity before a hacking can save a lot of time and money in the long run.  

In order to improve the cybersecurity in the supply chain, it is imperative that you are aware of what needs to be protected.  When you have identified the most critical pieces of software, you can put your best efforts behind protecting them. According to the article, “the most vulnerable technology is older technology, especially when the software is embedded in the hardware.”  It is also important to know who you are working with; make sure that partners and vendors have their own reliable cybersecurity in place. Along with using technology to protect your supply chain, it is necessary to make sure that employees are vigilant about who and what they allow to have access to company data and websites.  Be vigilant about ensuring your supply chain is handled by those you trust, and look into taking the necessary steps to improve your cybersecurity protection before it is too late.

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