SOC 2® Type II Certification


Scottsdale, Arizona  {October 3, 2018} – TranSolutions, Inc., a cloud-based SaaS company offering the MyEZClaim Cloud Platform, announced that it has successfully completed a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2® Type II Audit examination for their MyEZClaim application. TranSolutions, Inc. retained international business advisory firm Skoda Minotti for its SOC 2® audit work, selecting the company based on their reputation as a leading risk advisory and compliance firm after an intensive search.  Ben Osbrach, CISSP, CISA, QSA, CICP, CCSFP, partner-in-charge of Skoda Minotti’s risk advisory group says, “We were excited to work with TranSolutions from the very start. They are an intriguing organization delivering high quality services and their business adds to our growing SOC reporting practice.”

Skoda Minotti’s testing of TranSolutions’ controls included examination of their policies and procedures regarding network connectivity, firewall configurations, systems development life cycle, computer operations, logical access, data transmission, backup and disaster recovery, and other critical operational areas of their business. Upon completion of the audit, TranSolutions received a Service Auditor’s Report with an unqualified opinion demonstrating that their policies, procedures, and infrastructure meet or exceed the stringent SOC 2® criteria.

“The successful completion of our SOC 2® Type II examination audit provides TranSolutions’ clients with the assurance that the controls and safeguards we employ to protect and secure their data are in line with industry standards and best possible practices,” said Peter Celestina, Partner.

About – TranSolutions, Inc.

TranSolutions is a cloud-based SaaS company that offers the MyEZClaim Cloud Platform. This platform provides comprehensive solutions for back office transportation related functions, including freight claims, vendor claims, freight bill overcharges and return authorization. This platform also includes a carrier claim management application branded as CarrierClaim. This application supports the management and processing of cargo claims submitted by shippers, 3PL’s and LSP. Additional modules built into the freight claim application include COI and OS&D Incident.

The MyEZClaim Cloud Platform is a private cloud based solution that streamlines and automates the entire claim process from start to finish. Customers can quickly and easily input claim data through the customer portal, including specifics such as date, time, shipping and delivery address information, carrier address information, items affected, value of affected items, and supporting images and documents. Once claim data is inputted, the MyEZClaim Cloud Platform provides storage, tracking, notifications, automation features, and reporting functions to drive claims through the entire process to achieve maximum recovery.

About – Skoda Minotti

Skoda Minotti is a Certified Public Accounting Firm based in Cleveland, OH offering a variety of tax, finance, and business advisory services in virtually every area of business. The Risk Advisory practice specializes in SOC Reporting, PCI DSS Compliance, FISMA, NIST, and other regulatory information security assessments. Staff in Skoda Minotti’s Risk Advisory hold several industry certifications including Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISSA), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN), and GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT). For more information about Skoda Minotti’s Risk Advisory Services, please visit