Single Points of Contact and How They Aid Logistics


Logistics Brief recently posted an article from The Apparel Logistics Group on the topic of Single Points of Contact (SPOC).  While this article focused on the apparel industry, the valuable information that it communicates is important for anyone in the field of logistics to know.  

A SPOC is a single department that takes the lead in directing the logistics processes “across multiple locations.”  These locations include a variety of worksites, departments, warehouses, and even clients. If you implement a correctly functioning SPOC, it will reduce company errors, increase productivity, and ensure a set of happy and satisfied customers.  Using a SPOC cuts down on cross-site confusion, and diminishes the risk of having incompatible technology at different locations. The customer will instead be met with highly unified service that remains consistent no matter which location they work with.

Transparency is very important in supply chains, and using a SPOC will correct issues of disorganization and also cut down on the amount of damages and losses your company may normally run the risk of facing because of broken or mis-communications.  SPOCs also help with consolidating your company knowledge base so that when customers reach out with questions, they are not met with a slew of differing responses.

Using a Single Point of Contact is an effective way to cut down on company error, increase productivity, and ensure you are putting your best foot forward with your clientele base.  

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