Shipment Visibility is at an All Time High


Ross Spanier from Logistics Viewpoints recently shared his thoughts on shipment visibility in an article he posted a few days back.  Here are the highlights on what he had to say in regard to this topic:

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are changing the shipping game in regard to keeping drivers adhered to HOS rules and now they are being used to increase shipping visibility.

 Spanier says that the number of data points that the ELDs generate can reach 150--totally different than checking in with a driver by phone call one or two times a day. This honest reporting of driver habits and load-tracing are making shipping more visible than ever.  This is a good thing, since it can help pinpoint any issues in the supply chain, and stop errors before they may occur. Any knowledge that you can acquire about what your freight goes through between checkpoints is good knowledge.

Companies are being pressured into moving to total used of ELDs if they do not utilize them already.  Visibility is extremely important, and shippers need to keep up with the changing times in order to stay relevant.  Knowing what is happening at all times with your product allows for increasing efficiency and product safety. Also, you will be better able to analyze “end-to-end supply chain data” and make any improvements necessary.

While technology can move at a pace that is difficult to keep up with, in this case it allows for a visibility in shipping that will in the end help your supply chain efficiency.  Check out the full article for more information: