MyEZClaim's QuickClaim Tool

The QuickClaim tool can be provided to your customer (via link) to submit claims to your  MyEZClaim™ account as a pending claim without being a named user. This helpful tool reduces data entry by allowing your clients to begin the claim process by completing a simple, intuitive form online – there is no login required. The claims created using the QuickClaim tool are then submitted directly into your MyEZClaim™ account. Clients can submitted claims at any time, on their schedule. This tool can be added to your myEZClaim account, providing your customers with a simple, convenient and seamless experience. Your customers can even check in on the status of a claim, using only the claim ID and access id. No login is needed to utilize the QuickClaim tool.

The following list of items are needed to implement this tool for your review.

1.       Create a new user that would submit claims using the external QuickClaim tool on the account.

2.       Select a filtered list of Reason codes for this user’s My Reason List to limit the options displayed on the QuickClaim screen.

3.       Assign company (or companies) to this user’s Profile (company access list)

4.       Identify any default or (pre-fill) selection in the QuickClaim screen for Company, Customer, Carrier and Shipper (optional).  The system will match any new entries by name (partial), address (partial) and zip code (full).

5.       Identify the list of supporting document-types that are displayed in the list (must have) or which document-types are required (optional) prior to submitting the QuickClaim. (ie. Delivery Receipt, Invoice, BOL, pictures)

Once the required specifications for the QuickClaim link are compiled and submitted to the TranSolutions Inc. IT Support techs, twenty-four hours (24 hours) is needed to create the custom link.  Once the link is available, you can review this external QuickClaim link prior to making it available to your customer.

Click this link to view information about the QuickClaim tool: TranSolutionsInc-MyEZClaim-Quick-Claim-User-Guide-v2.pdf

Below is sample screen of this tool: