Q3-2018 US Cargo Theft: Comparing the Numbers


Commercial Carrier Journal’s Matt Cole recently wrote a post comparing the numbers given by CargoNet and SensiGuard regarding the third-quarter reports on cargo theft in the United States.  Here is a brief synopsis of what he had to say:

To start, both reports agreed on the fact that there was a “year-over year decrease in theft volume with an increase in theft value”, and that California and Texas were the states that unfortunately saw the most cargo theft.  The exact similarities of the reports stop here.

SensiGuard reported 157 thefts ($160,858 average loss), while CargoNet recorded 188 thefts ($143,949 average loss).  SensiGuard caught the fact that there were “four thefts worth more than $1 million” during Q; this report also stated that electronics accounted for the most thefted item (20% of the thefts).  CargoNet recorded food and drink theft was at the top of the list, and also mentioned that New Jersey saw a plunge in their theft amount; usually this state is one of the most hard hit. The two reports have a discrepancy in the amount of parking lot thefts; CargoNet saw a drop in the number, while SensiGuard did not report the same finding.

To read more about the Q3 reports, click the link to read the full article: https://www.ccjdigital.com/cargo-theft-volume-dips-values-rise-in-third-quarter/?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_content=11-02-2018&utm_campaign=Commercial%20Carrier%20Journal&ust_id=f5b83f1b7f5884df00dbdd8f602015c3