Preparations for Hurricane Florence

preparations-hurricane-florence_transolutions’s Lisa Baertlein and Rajesh Kumar Singh wrote a quick synopsis of what companies have done and are still doing in order to be as prepared for Hurricane Florence as possible and any avoid most issues the storm will bring.  Here is what they had to say:

This week, transportation companies in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina had no choice but to “secure property and employees” because of their location right in the path of possible destruction from the impact of Hurricane Florence.  Even companies hundreds of miles inland were still taking measures to ensure the safety of their crews and the preservation of their freight. Shipments were diverted when necessary and held, in order to keep the cargo secure. The article quotes that the “issue most closely monitored right now is the supply chain”.  With so many moving parts in supply chains, there needs to be the same amount of protective and preventive measures taken.

Hurricane Florence is the first major hurricane to affect the mainland this year, and there is a danger of massive flooding in the areas between Virginia and Georgia--companies hundreds of miles inland should also be taking note, the water will not just stop at the coast.  

In order to try and avoid future damages, some ports are extending hours in order to facilitate automobile shipping and move it out of the way. Eventually, however, all shipping will halt in the majorly affected areas, in order to ensure the safety of all involved.

If you are in the striking zone of Hurricane Florence, be sure to stay in constant communication with those in your supply chain in order to maximize safety, and minimize overall damages.  For more information, read the full article: