Online Shopping, Real World Shipping


Freight Waves’ writer Anthony Smith recently posted an article to their site regarding e-commerce and how the industry is continuously on the up and up.  Read this quick synopsis of what Smith had to say, and then head over to the article by clicking the link at the bottom of this page to learn more.

While in-store shopping provides the quickest turn-around time when it comes to product acquisition, e-commerce sites such as Amazon are becoming tough competition.  Smith’s article talks a fair amount about this e-commerce superpower, and how same-day or next-day shipping is a huge draw for individuals likely to online shop. However, Amazon is not the only one making strides in this industry, the article mentions other stores such as “Walmart, Target, and BestBuy...getting in on the action with fast shipping and exclusive incentives for members”.  

E-commerce itself is a fast-growing, always up-dating area of the economy.  According to Smith, “there has not been a quarter of decline for e-commerce since the end of the recession”, with it overcoming many economic obstacles.  In a world that is becoming increasingly more digital every passing year, e-commerce companies seem to be keeping stride. It is important to keep up, otherwise stores will risk falling behind in sales.  At the rate things are moving, catching up would be a challenging feat. 

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