New Year’s Resolution: Improve Fuel Efficiency


Michael Roeth at recently posted an article about trucks, drivers, and fuel economy in the new year.  His message is important, and here it is:

Truck drivers are an imperative part of the transportation industry, and that does not go unnoticed.  However, one thing that should be discussed and thought about more is the amount of fuel that is utilized to power these big-rigs traveling around the world.  Drivers themselves can have a huge impact on how their vehicle runs, and its level of fuel efficiency.

The challenge to truck drivers in 2019: do what you can personally to ensure that you are getting the most out of your tanks of gas this year.  Any little bit helps.

Roeth encourages the reader to take a look at Run on Less for inspiration, tips, and to see actual truck drivers’ results who have dedicated efforts to improving the fuel economy of their rigs.  Other factors that impact the fuel efficiency of a truck include speed, time cruise control is utilized, and stopping and starting habits of the driver, according to the article.  

It is obvious that drivers cannot control everything related to fuel consumption--they first need an appropriately functioning truck that is fitted for intense use.  However, any little thing that drivers can improve can do wonders for the overall environment and transportation industry. Read the full article here: