MyEZClaim Update: Create Tasks Automatically Based on Custom Rules

It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Robotic Secretary

Manually assigning tasks to the claim staff can be time consuming, and it’s even more difficult to get the staff to respond quickly to urgent tasks. Bearing this in mind, we’ve made it easy for you to create and schedule tasks automatically in MyEZClaim, based on your own custom rules. You can also automatically notify users of tasks via email.

Create Tasks Automatically – Set it and Forget It

The Tasks Scheduler allows you to decide, in advance, when tasks should be created and scheduled. For example, you might decide to prioritize the processing of large claims over $10,000. You could then create a rule so that any claim with a value over $10,000 has a task automatically scheduled. You can also set account-specific priority level, such as low, medium, high, or urgent, as well as define the deadline for the task. You can even specify the latest date that the task should be started.

Because you can choose which MyEZClaim user to send this task to, you can choose to send these bigger claims to your more skilled claim agents.

Another example is in the case of perishable goods such as fruit or meat. For perishable goods, it’s important to schedule the carrier’s inspection as soon as possible. In this case, you could schedule an urgent task called “Schedule Inspection” whenever you receive a claim from your meat vendor. You can even combine rules; you could create the task for any claim from a particular meat vendor, but ONLY if the claim showed that an inspection had not already been scheduled because there is no ‘inspection report’ attached in the open claim.

Get Notified of New Tasks without Logging in

MyEZClaim now allows you to email tasks to MyEZClaim users on the account. This is perfect for part-time claim staff who may not log into MyEZClaim every day. When you set rules to create tasks using the Tasks Scheduler, you can set the new tasks to appear not only in MyEZClaim in the claim data screen and the Task Calendar, but also for the tasks to be emailed to the user. You can also email tasks that you create manually ‘on the fly’ in the claim data screen.

Stay Secure - Task Scheduler Permissions

Task Scheduling is limited to Account Administrators. Tasks can only be assigned to users with the “Task User” option checked off on their profile settings; this prevents tasks from unintentionally being assigned to read-only users.

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