MyEZClaim Integration with Salesforce


It is no secret that freight claims can be difficult, time consuming, and all around tedious. However, there is always the chance that your company will need to handle one, and you should be prepared before an incident occurs.  

TranSolutions, Inc. has made the process easier for you with the integration APIs between Salesforce and the MyEZClaim application. With this integration comes the ease of merging key data and images directly from Salesforce into an existing MyEZClaim account in order to create a claim.  Because the applications automatically log claim and customer engagement activity data, the claim processing will be expedited greatly, allowing for optimized workflow efficiencies and the improvement of data quality.

MyEZClaim is a comprehensive freight claim management system that organizes shipment information, generates a universally accepted claim form, records payments, and prompts reminder letters based on claim status.  Perhaps the most powerful part of the tool is that it enables users to mine their data for trends, enabling them to identify and correct problem routes or carriers. In total, the tool provides over 85 management reports and enables further filtering on over 150 different variables.

Salesforce works differently from other integration processes with MyEZClaim.  With the integration of the two applications, the Salesforce customer will need to configure a Connected App in order to make the APIs configured on the MyEZClaim section available in order to call the Salesforce APIs. The client would provide the mapping document that will allow TranSolutions to know what fields from Salesforce need collecting, and what fields they need to be mapped to within myEZClaim.

Interested clients can reach out to if they are interested in using these new APIs with their Salesforce account.