MercuryGate Utilizes Uber Freight

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About a week ago, Freight Waves’ writer John Paul Hampstead wrote a piece about how MercuryGate clients will have the ability to utilize Uber Frieght’s technology in their transportation management system (TMS).  Read on for a quick synopsis of what Hampstead had to say on this topic:

MercuryGate announced that “shippers using [their] TMS will have access to Uber Freight’s network of carriers, guaranteed capacity, and real-time market rates”, according to the article posted on Freight Waves’ page last week. 

For companies like Uber Freight, finding new shipper customers and products to ship can be a major challenge. With this coupling of services, challenges are minimized. One of the benefits for MercuryGate users is that they will have “access to on-demand capacity and real-time rates” for their shipping needs, says Hampstead.  

The integration between MercuryGate’s TMS and Uber Freight is beneficial for the shipper, because they now have access to load coverage around the clock.  MercurgyGate’s CEO Joe Juliano speaks on the importance of shipping reliability and efficiency in the article, saying that “by tapping into Uber Freight’s trusted carrier network, customers of all sizes can realize the benefits of a digital freight marketplace with access to real-time pricing and a vast network of available carriers and guaranteed capacity”.  The addition of Uber Freight to MercuryGate’s TMS is a win for all.

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