Lower Your Freight Cost, Even with Freight Rates on the Rise


Interested in ways to keep your freight costs as low as possible, even as freight rates are increasing?  TranzAct has just the solution for you.

In their 2:00 minute warning video, we are debriefed on some of the ways that freight costs may be unnecessarily increased.

For one example, it is pointed out that sometimes inefficiency can come from within your own company.  Inefficiency in practices and processes cost money, especially in this case. In order to learn more, it is suggested for readers to listen to the three interviews by Derek Leathers, Thomas Connery, and Rob Estes.  All of these can be found in the link at the bottom of this article.

While there is much to be learned from these three individuals, the short video clip informs us about something else that is pertinent: the derived demand infographic.  Here, you can find practical examples, such as your fill rate and inventory deployment strategies, that may help you realize how your company’s actions may be increasing the overall freight costs. This tool will help you closely examine your handling of freight processes so that you can see if there are any areas of inefficiency.  In order to best utilize the tips and tricks, head over to the link to download the tools and listen to the interviews: