The Improved Shipping of Wine


Lara L. Sowinski at Food Logistics wrote an article about the improved handling and monitoring of wine, and how the supply chain of the product benefited from this new system.  Read on for a quick summary of what she had to say in her article:

The United States is has a very large market for wine--not only do we buy vast quantities of the drink, we also enjoy drinking wines of high quality.  However, in order to keep the wine at its best, it needs to be shipped and handled appropriately. The shipment of wine, therefore, can always use a little improvement.

Wine is a tricky product to ship.  According to the article, “more than one in three wines are subjected to poor transport conditions.”  Wine is vulnerable to changes in temperature, and thus benefits greatly from being stored in a temperature controlled and monitored vessel.    

One of these leading technologies created to monitor the shipment of wine involves the use of the eProvenance Score.  Created by the company eProvenance, this formula calculates how the shipment journey affects the load of wine. The algorithm can determine freshness and quality after the journey.  Because of this monitoring and the collected statistics, shippers are able to improve their shipping and handling of the wine, leading to an overall better product quality for the consumer.  A product with higher quality leads to a higher quantity of purchases--the wine market will only grow in profits if the product is properly shipped.

Interested to read more about how one of America’s favorite drinks is moved?  Click the link to read the full article: