The Importance of Truck Brake Maintenance

truck-brake-maintenance_transolutions’s Catharine Conway has written a very informative article about truck brake safety on their website, and we find it worthwhile to pass on to you.

No matter the time of year, truck brakes need to be kept in tip-top shape in order to ensure the safety of the rig’s driver and everyone else on the road.  

The article speaks to both drivers and fleet managers. A message to the truckers themselves includes being aware of and proactive regarding any potential issues with your vehicle.  It is important to check the truck for any visible problems before traveling any distance. If you see any issues, make sure to log them for future reference. This will also help when notifying fleet managers and maintenance staff.  Tire pressure monitoring is another measure to be taken in order to ensure brake longevity. If your tires’ psi is not within recommended range, it will put unnecessary wear and tear on the rig’s brakes. Another way to keep your brakes in check is to simply travel at safe speeds.  Make sure to have a healthy following distance between your truck and other vehicles, so you won’t put quick and intense stress on your breaks at high speeds.

Turning to the fleet managers, the article first recommends the use of telematics.  This way, you can monitor the driving habits of the trucker. Notice when they start to drive their rig too roughly, and do not follow the proper safety precautions, so that you can warn them of the damage it is doing to their vehicle before it is too late.  If you notice a pattern of unsafe driving in your fleet, create training programs in order to pass on the knowledge that can guarantee brake health in the trucks. It is also a good idea to have your drivers trained in how to properly inspect their vehicles for any issues before they start off on their routes.

The most important messages gleaned from this article is to handle your truck appropriately, and to take care of the brakes before there is a big problem.  To read the original article, visit: