How Mexican Shippers Are Protecting Their Cargo

mexican-shippers-protecting-cargo_transolutions’s senior editor Hugh R. Morley recently published an article regarding the steps that Mexican shippers are taking to protect their cargo from rising rates of cargo theft.  Read on for a quick synopsis of what Morley had to say about this move toward safer cargo moving:

The rate of cargo theft in Mexico is on the rise.  Although it was not as prevalent this last calendar year as in previous years, the article mentions that there has been a combined “76% increase in robberies since 2016”.  Since the truck drivers in Mexico are the ones moving a super-majority of the cargo, they have decided to take matters into their own hands as much as possible. The truckers utilize 24 hour “cargo monitoring desks”, where they are able to track the movement of shipments and can be notified if things go wrong.  They work to stay vigilant about the whereabouts of the shipments.

Along with this 24 hour surveillance, the trucks are also fitted with multiple alarms that may notify the desk if a problem arises.  The truck drivers also stand by the idea that those who are chosen to move the cargo loads need to be the right person for the job. Since the driver of a shipment can be someone who aids in theft, it is important that the person who is moving the shipment is honest and has the right intentions.  The article mentions that prevention is much more effective than attempting to stop cargo theft once a plan is underway. Proper training of the trucking staff and constant monitoring can be very effective ways to prevent as much theft as possible.

For more information on the cargo theft happening in Mexico and what the truckers are doing about it, click this link to read the full article: