How the Government Shutdown Impacts Logistics


Logistic Brief’s Land Link released an article on the government shutdown that has been keeping the U.S. in limbo over the past few weeks.  Read on for a synopsis on what the article had to say about how the shutdown has impacted the logistic industry and what difficulties may lie ahead in the near future:

Government shutdowns are complicated: some people are still receiving paychecks whether they are working or not, some are working and seeing no income, and morale is falling overall.  A shutdown this vast impacts a vast web of laborers and industries, some we do not think of initially. One of the industries impacted by the current state of affairs is the transportation and logistics industry.  Multiple areas of this industry have the potential to be affected, according to Link’s article: “truckload border crossings”, “air and ocean imports”, and “U.S. domestic truckload and intermodal freight”.

One of the biggest issues with all of these areas of logistics and transportation is the fact that staffing and labor is affected by holds on pay.  Without as many laborers available to carry out their part in a supply chain, the whole thing slows down. National security at the borders is also heightened, which means that there will be longer delays and wait times for cargo trying to pass over the northern and southern borders.  

There is no quick fix for a government shutdown to this capacity, but the best thing workers in the logistics industry can do is remain flexible and keep communication with their fellow workers.  Until then, it is just a waiting game to see what’s next with the U.S. government. Read the full article for more information: