Holidays and Cargo Theft


While the grills are being fired up for Fourth of July festivities and picnics, cargo thieves are also planning to act on unattended cargo during the upcoming holiday.  Sensitech SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center recently sent out a notice advising companies to be aware of the rise in risk of cargo theft when there is a holiday on the horizon.  Read on for a quick synopsis of this alert. 

Because the Fourth of July is on a Thursday this year, the holiday runs into a long weekend--it is likely that not many shipments will be moving on the fifth.  This prolonged time of shipment immobility heightens the risk that cargo thieves may strike in an attempt to steal the goods. Holidays tend to have quite a spike in the amount of goods stolen, and thus it is imperative that you are aware of the status of your cargo and products at all times.  

In order to keep cargo as safe as possible, Sensitech reminds us to keep communications clear, to know where your cargo will be held during the holiday, and suggests the use of GPS technology for shipments that are high in value.  Make sure that you are comfortable with everyone who will be handling your cargo, and double-check security measures when the cargo is stationary. Leaving cargo unattended for too long is a big risk factor during a long holiday weekend.  Staying one step ahead of the cargo thieves will cut down on potential losses, and ensure that your holiday weekend runs as smoothly as possible.

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