Freight Visibility is a Necessity


3PL Perspective’s Dan Cicerchi recently provided us with the informative and necessary article entitled “Four Reasons Why Freight Visibility Should Be a Top Focus”, and it is something everyone should stop to consider.  Here is a brief summary of what he had to say:

One of the most important parts of a supply chain involves the visibility of its freight.

 Why is this at the top of the list, and why should it remain there? There are many good reasons.  For starters, delays in shipments affect everyone, at every step of the way in the supply chain. Having poor visibility of your freight is a quick way to lose good business.  In order to avoid this disruption, invest in reliable freight tracking technology. Another reason visibility is important is because it is the new norm. Businesses are not going to settle for less information when there is the opportunity for total transparency. Keep in mind that this visibility extends to off-schedule and late shipments as well.  Facing these disruptions in your supply chain as they come and keeping an open line of communication will only benefit you in the end.

Because of the complexity of supply chains and the multitude of individuals who may possibly handle your freight, the need for visibility is not only desirable, but also necessary.  For more tips on how to increase your freight transparency and get as much productivity as possible out of your supply chain, check out the full article at: