Freight Claims in Plain English Fourth Edition


The fourth edition of Freight Claims in Plain English, by George Carl Pezold and William J. Augello, edited by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D. is currently available in both CD and soft-cover formats.  This text is a valuable tool for anyone interesting in staying up to date on the world of freight claims; it covers many important topics within this section of transport law. This book is both a useful reference guide, and teaching tool for those looking to deepen their knowledge.  Some major topics included in this work are: Common Carrier Liability, Specific Claim Problems, Burdens of proof, and The Impact of Deregulation. Any individual involved with transportation law will find Freight Claims in Plain English a useful resource, and can benefit from the knowledge it lends.  Be sure to purchase your copy to bolster your knowledge of freight claims.

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