Freight Claim Software vs Manual Freight Claim Filing

If you’ve always dealt with freight claims manually, how do you know if or when it’s time to consider freight claim software or an automated freight claim process? How do you know when the investment will be worth the benefits? Here are the top 5 signs:

1. Missed Freight Claim Deadlines

Do you find yourself missing freight claim deadlines? When one missed deadline could cost thousands of dollars, some simple automation can be very cost effective. Freight claim software such as MyEZClaim will send you automated reminders based on claim status to prevent costly missed deadlines.

2. Disorganized Freight Claim Process

When the freight claims add up, you may find that you need some sort of freight claim software or management tool to keep you organized. A simple Excel spreadsheet can work well with a few claims, but with increasing claims you may run into a few issues with spreadsheets.

While most of your freight claim data are neatly contained within your spreadsheet, how are you keeping supporting documents organized? When you only have a few freight claims this probably won’t be an issue, but if you have several pending freight claims, this can get confusing.

If you have multiple team members all filing freight claims, you may run into additional challenges. Emailing multiple file versions back and forth puts you at risk for losing data. This is where online freight claim software such as MyEZClaim is helpful, because it allows users to file in the same place simultaneously.

3. Freight Claim Filing Expertise is Lacking

Do you and your team have the expertise to file a freight claim properly? Freight claim software such as MyEZClaim will enable both experts and novices to file effectively by prompting each step.

4. 10+ Freight Claims Per Month

If you’re filing more than ten freight claims each month, the time and money that you save with a streamlined solution will more than pay for the freight claim software.

5. Freight Claim Filing Takes More than 10 – 15 Minutes

How long do you spend filing each freight claim? The filing time includes the time spent submitting the supporting documents, entering the information, mailing or sending the form, and filing the documents for your records. (This doesn’t include tasks such as calculating losses or finding repair quotes.)

If it takes you longer than 10 – 15 minutes to file a claim, then it’s time to consider freight claim software. It takes most people a total of 2 – 3 hours to file a freight claim manually. With MyEZClaim, the filing time is streamlined and reduced to about 10 minutes.

If This Sounds Like You…

If you fit any of the criteria above, freight claim software is worth considering. In our freight claim software information sheet, we’ll explain how MyEZClaim software helps you overcome these issues, as well as other challenges associated with freight claim filing.

For more information about MyEZClaim, download our freight claim software information sheet.

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