Enhancements to MyEZClaim Software


TranSolutions has prepared a number of enhancements and a few minor fixes to the current list of functions to increase efficiencies and improve communications. Here is a quick update of these enhancements and fixes which will be released over the next couple of weeks.

  • For starters, we have enhanced the logging for the REST API’s, a communication tool with TMS applications.

  • Another enhancement includes the claim stored currency value in the 30-60-90-120 day letter or the ‘Request for Claim Acknowledgment’ letter when generated.

  • Another improvement involved the Task Management feature. This function is now fully functional with the Chrome Browser which impacted items on <All> Tasks Calendar and Selecting a Claim.

  • We have another improvement in the Task feature dealing with the Tasks Calendar. It now defaults the “user assigned” dropdown to interactive user.

  • The system generated Diary Note has been improved and can now be defined as an Email Diary Category-type for display and reporting purposes.

  • All reports were upgraded to the latest report engine and will run and display much faster.

  • Claim Form and image attachments can now be displayed in one Combined Claim PDF document for Send Email, Send Batch Emails and automated system generated Letters.

  • Finally, a new exciting application feature has been added to Send Batch Emails which NOW includes the Combined Claim PDF option.