ELDs Lower Truck Driver’s HOS Violations, But Cost Money by Slowing Productivity


JOC.com’s William B. Cassidy recently published an article regarding the impact of electronic logging devices (ELDs) mandated to be used by truck drivers.  What was originally a fear of discouraging truck drivers by the loss of manual hours of service (HOS) recording quickly turned into the realization that supply chains were suffering, and not the drivers themselves.

What is the reason for this?  It is difficult to manipulate an ELD; there is no room for fudging HOS documentation when the actual recording of data is out of the drivers hands.  In the past, drivers could choose to cheat the HOS limitations in order to meet and beat shipping deadlines, quickening productivity; ELDs have sparked a rise of truck drivers sticking to HOS limits.  Consequently, we have witnessed the fall of HOS violations. While this is a plus for driver safety, it has caused a significant slow in the productivity of company’s supply chains. The article cites a “16% increase in transit time”, and while that may not seem like much on a route by route basis, it adds up substantially overall.

Although ELDs can be bad news for quick productivity, there has actually been a bit of a draw for carriers to enter the market with the more strict adherence to the HOS limitations, thanks to the technology.  However, we are still seeing a shortage of drivers in the industry. It seems that a balance will have to work itself out between driver safety, acceptable productivity rates, and ELD mandates.

For more information, check out the full article at: https://www.joc.com/trucking-logistics/eld-surprise-costing-supply-chain-time-not-us-truckers_20180806.html


Brianna CelestinaComment