E-Commerce Impacts Parcel Carriers


Gary Frantz, at DC Velocity, wrote an article about how e-commerce affects parcel carriers, and how the e-commerce industry itself is growing and changing.  Read on for a quick synopsis of what he had to say in his article, and click the link at the bottom of the page to read his full entry:

E-commerce is an ever-growing industry, as more and more people shop online and have high expectations for shipping and delivery times.  With all of the online ordering occurring, someone has to be keeping up with all of the packages and delivering that needs to be done. Parcel carriers are seeing an increase in demand, and along with this comes great opportunities.

According to Frantz’s article, the global e-commerce sales are estimated to “hit $3.3 trillion in 2019 and more than double to $6.7 trillion in 2025”.  With the customers’ high expectations for quick deliveries, this necessitates a strong level of organization from companies and those who run their delivery routes. 

Customizable buying and shipping options, such as same-day delivery, have increased the quality of the customer experience, while also demanding that the parcel carriers and supply chains be at their best and most organized.  An Uber-like concept is also being used by some companies, in order to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction. Using this method, a driver in the system who is close in proximity can retrieve the package and take it to the person who purchased it.  

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