Due Diligence When Selecting a Freight Bill Processor


As a shipper, it is important that you do your due diligence when going about selecting a freight bill processor.  The following qualities are those present in the best freight bill processors. All credit for the information goes to http://www.data2logistics.com/, so be sure to click the link and visit the website for more information.

Using a good freight bill processor is very important.  

One of the qualities that makes a freight bill processor reliable is the fact that they do not use their clients funds for other reasons than to pay the client’s carrier.  Another quality to look for is a lack of debt; a good freight bill processor will have none or a very minimal amount. Along with these important qualities, they will have their statements audited annually by a well-respected accounting firm.  Finally, a respectable freight bill processor will abstain from mixing their client’s funds with their own operating cash.

For more information on what makes a freight bill processor one you want to use, visit the website: http://www.data2logistics.com/    

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