A Better Way to Document Chargebacks

According to TransAct, more companies will be using chargebacks in 2018 to penalize vendors who ship outside the delivery window.

Of course, if you’re a company that uses chargebacks to enforce your routing guide, they won’t help you improve compliance or recoup labor costs unless you’re able to document the violation. Here’s how our OS&D Incident software will transform your incident tracking procedures.

Tracking Incidents to Support Chargebacks

Whether your carrier is late for their delivery window, or the barcodes on the cartons are unreadable, incidents need to be documented, or your chargeback will be challenged. The design of OS&D’s interface allows the user to walk through every aspect of the incident and record all necessary details at the time the violation is discovered. OS&D has over 150 fields to capture information on incidents, and management can customize which fields are required. This means that the accounting department will never need to back track and try to retrieve forgotten details after the fact.

Help Carriers & Vendors Improve Compliance

Chargebacks can be a major hit for carriers and vendors. They’re motivated to reduce chargebacks, but improving compliance isn’t always a simple task.

You can help carriers and vendors improve compliance by tracking and reporting on incidents. For example, you can tell each carrier what their top compliance issues are. If a carrier sees that their most common problem is toppled pallets, then they can work on blocking and bracing. Or if they often arrive outside the delivery window, they might need to rework their traffic calculations. In fact, you can even show carriers just how early or late they’re arriving. If a carrier sees that they’re consistently an hour late to a particular warehouse, that’s invaluable information for correcting the problem.

OS&D allows you to take this information and automatically generate reports to track compliance. You can report on a particular vendor or carrier, save it as a PDF, and email it to from within the system. You can even schedule reports to be automatically generated and emailed to carriers and vendors every month, or every quarter.

A Centralized System

When you have 30 distribution centers across the country, tracking chargeback documentation can mean a collection of spreadsheets scattered across the computers of middle managers. OS&D Incident keeps all the information for incidents in one place, so data for the entire company can be mined, accessed, and shared as needed. Accounts Payable can report on chargebacks for a single distribution center, or for the company as a whole. (Learn more about collaborating with OS&D Incident here). And of course, OS&D Incident integrates with MyEZClaim, so you can convert an incident report into a freight claim without any extra data entry.

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Brianna Celestina