The Challenges Faced by Small Trucking Fleets

small-trucking-fleets_transolutions’s William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor published an article on small trucking fleets in the U.S.  Read on for the highlights of what he said in his article:

New competition in the small trucking fleet industry, coupled with “tumbling spot market truckload rates” have made the latter part of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 very challenging for small U.S. truckers, according to Cassidy’s article.  Along with those difficulties, some competitors have also been charging very low prices, thus taking business from pre-existing trucking fleets. Because of this, small fleets have put a halt on plans to grow their companies.

Complex contracts and the fine print expectations that come with them are also causing a hang-up for smaller fleets.  One reason for this is that some carriers do not read over the contracts carefully enough before accepting them. Many of these companies do not have the manpower to dedicate to examining the contracts, and some do not have the time it takes to do so.  Another issue is with expectations: super companies such as Amazon have created a high level of expectation for shipping times and procedures, according to the article. Small fleets also seem to be more willing to accept contracts more quickly, because they do not want to lose business or potential new customers.  

How should they fix this issue?  Cassidy’s article talks about how they have to be willing to read all of the fine print in order to thoroughly understand expectations and what they are signing themselves up for.  It is important for these fleets to protect themselves and their workers, and to hold firm on their values and commitments.

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