CDS Freight Claim Management Claims Post Audit


CDS Freight Claim Management specializes in the filing and management of freight claims.  In order to make sure that you received the maximum amount out of your settled freight claim, CDS will use their post audit processes to review the claims.

They examine already filed claims, and compare it to Freight Claim Law, in order to catch anything that may have been missed the first time.  There are three steps to how CDS re-examines these claims: Review, Reopen, and Recover. First, CDS will investigate the initial findings, to see if there are any holes. If it is possible, they reopen the claim and take their newly crafted argument to the carrier in an attempt to recover lost or unpaid funds.  When the claim is reviewed appropriately and CDS has made a new, fully sound legal argument, they will do their best to have all of your losses recovered. According to CDS, there is an average of 10-20% of potential recoverable expenses missed on the first claim. Their goal is to have this corrected.

For example, CDS worked wonders for both a Heavy Equipment Manufacturer and a Global Food Manufacturer, increasing their amount of claims rightfully collected by drastic amounts.  It is important to note that if you do not receive more back from the claims in the post audit profit ran by CDS, there is no cost to you. The cost to you occurs only after a successful claim process which is commission based, taken as a percentage of what is recovered for you.  

It is important for this post audit process to not only obtain lost money, but to support organizational learning.  CDS will demonstrate how they recover your lost claims, and provide tips on how to prevent future claims. They will also assist you in having lower claim costs long term by giving you the tool necessary to do so.  

Contact Dick Lucarelli (630) 258-7879 or Joe Catanzaro (312) 343-1707 for more information.