Cargo Thefts Drop in Second Quarter

Transport Topics staff reporter Jim Stinson recently wrote about the drop in cargo thefts during Q2 of this year.  Here is a quick recap of what he had to say on the topic:

Stinson reported in his article that cargo theft has fallen 14% during the second quarter of this year.  Even though this drop in theft is a positive thing, there was still a large financial burden from the amount of cargo theft that still occurred.  Transport Topics’ article states that there were “150 incidents in the United States and Canada...the average value per theft [being] $152,844, for an estimated loss of $22.9 million in cargo stolen across the U.S. and Canada in the quarter.”

According to Stinson, the most sought after stolen goods were food and beverages.  Following behind food and drink for ‘most stolen’ items were household goods. The highest rates of cargo theft were seen in California, and Florida and Texas were next in line.  However, in all three of these states, the theft had fallen since this same time last year. 

As always, thinking ahead of the cargo thieves and keeping open communication with the entirety of your supply chain will save time, products, and money in the long run.  Think smart, and protect your goods. 

Read the full article here, on cargo theft in Q2:

All credit goes to Transport Topics and writer Jim Stinson.

Juliette Koepke