Get Informed on Cargo Insurance with These Four Reads

Understanding cargo insurance is essential to effective risk management – but most professionals don’t have the time to study all the various policies. Here are four articles to quickly improve your understanding of the complicated world of cargo insurance.

10 Tips for Controlling Cargo Insurance Costs

Controlling Transportation Insurance Costs - Inbound Logistics

This article delivers quick tips for reducing your insurance costs, as well as improving your odds of loss/damage recovery.

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Cargo Insurance 101

Know What to Expect from Your Cargo Insurance - Leancor/TranSolutions

Cargo insurance is complex – policies often sound like they provide more coverage than they do. This 10 minute crash course explains the basic policy types, and why one might pay the full replacement cost, while another pays pennies on the dollar.

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Placing a Premium on Cargo Insurance

Inbound Logistics

The practice of throwing cargo overboard to save a ship is as old as sailing itself. How does the practice affect your marine insurance today?

What kind of insurance will cover raw materials as they’re shipped and manufactured into a final product?

When does it make sense for a company to skip the insurance policy and just self-insure?

This in-depth article covers these questions and other essential insurance concepts.

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Cheap Cargo Insurance: The Downsides of CIF

5 Reasons Buying on CIF Terms May Not Protect Your Company - Trade Risk Guaranty

Buying insurance on CIF terms (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) is a way to keep your insurance costs low. But what coverage do you miss out on when you buy CIF?

Find out what CIF is, and how it limits your coverage.

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