Cargo Claims Management Programs: A Big Help


Expeditors’ writer Marek Zbyszewski recently posted an article regarding the helpful features of utilizing a cargo claims management program.  Read this synopsis for a quick recap of what he had to say about this topic:

We are all aware that when there is a cargo incident, such as damage or lost products, a cargo claim should be filed.  However, there are incidents when filing a claim seems like too much work, it gets put off, or it is simply forgotten. Zbyszewski suggests utilizing a claims management program in order to remedy the occurrence of missed or undocumented claims.  Some of the benefits to using a claims management program are listed below. 

  1. If you choose to use a claims management system, this will take some stress off of your company workers, and lighten their workload.

  2. Allowing individuals who are well-versed in cargo claims to handle your company’s claims means more money returned to you.

  3. Using data analytics will help you to keep track of losses and to move toward making improvements.

  4. Keeping track of your data in an efficient manner also allows you to locate areas of imperfections that could lead to claims issues.

  5. Using a claims management systems and the experts involved will allow you to have a better handle on the claims process overall.

The move toward using a claims management system will save time, money, and stress in the long run.  Partnering with claims experts allows your employees to shine in their positions, without the added worry of filing cargo claims.

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