Be Prepared During Hurricane Season


Although we are about halfway through hurricane season, we are nearing the peak of this time period.  PLS Logistics posted an article in order to share what they have learned in regard to preparing supply chains for hurricane season.  Even if this year’s storms are not predicted to be very strong, this information is still imperative.

Hurricanes are dangerous, damaging, and problematic for all of those affected by them--and when they disrupt otherwise smoothly running supply chains, they can have much larger spread effects.  When they shut down transportation hubs like airports and impact trains on railroads, shipping slows down tremendously. Depending on how bad they are, they can also greatly damage natural cargo, such as crops.  What can we do to prepare before extreme weather hits?

PLS Logistics has a few ideas.  For starters, it is unwise to think that a natural disaster will never affect your supply chain.  Weather is in no way biased, and it can always happen to you. In order to prepare, ensure that you are skilled in sales and operation planning (S&OP).  Pay attention to ways that the storms impact your supply chains so that you can take preventive measures that are right for your cargo specifically. This way, you can develop an emergency that is right for your business.  Also, have a Plan B. In the event of disaster, do not assume disaster control plans will run without a hitch. Make sure everyone involved in the supply chain is aware of both your emergency plan and its backup. Communication is the key.  Remember, technology is your friend here. It can highlight exactly what is happening in your supply chain and also connect you to the best weather sources to keep updated on the development of the storm.

Stay connected, pay attention, and communicate with everyone involved in your supply chain.  Just because disaster strikes does not mean it has to completely disrupt your well running system.  

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