As Freight Quality Increases, So Does Thief Creativity


Gary Frantz at Transportation Topics recently released an article on cargo theft from trucks carrying large amounts of freight.  Keep reading for a quick summary of the need to know points:

As the value of the freight carried by trucks increases, so does the creativity of cargo thieves.

 Thieves are always thinking of new ways to swipe products, and it is important to stay aware of the new tactics so that you can keep your products safe from these individuals.  These newer techniques may involve things like identity theft and increased information gathering by the thieves on your site. Make sure to always know the people who will be interacting with your freight, so that a random individual does not step in and capture your products.  Keep an eye out for multiple thieves working together as well, as some have taken to gathering in more organized groups.

The best prevention against cargo theft is educating and training your drivers on what to look out for when they are on the road.  Making sure that your drivers are well rested will keep them level-headed and able to spot suspicious activity should it arise. It is also imperative to keep your drivers in the know about current trends in theft and cargo thief prevalence in the areas in which they are driving.  Also, driving at least 200 miles between stops prevents personal vehicles from following you too far.

In order to keep your freight as safe from cargo thieves as possible, take steps to prevent against both “straight” and “strategic” theft.

Know who will be handling your protect, don’t leave shipments unattended from long periods of time, and keep in constant communication with your drivers.  And if a problem should arise, make sure that your drivers know who to call.

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