Accessorial Charges in 2019: Attention Shippers


TranzAct recently released another 2-minute warning video, and this time it cautions shippers to keep an eye out for accessorial charges coming their way in 2019.  Here is a quick summary of the information they provide:

The article begins with the example of how airlines have used “ancillary fees” like those for baggage and in flight movies, to name a few, to boost profits.  Every business looks to make money, and the shippers are warned that carriers will use their own sorts of accessorial fees in the coming year in order to increase their profits as well.  The article references the idea of “free time” in delivery schedules, and comments that this era has come to an end. If a shipper holds a driver or ties up equipment unnecessarily, there will be a price to pay.  Detention will now cost the shipper. Surcharges will also be added for “dimensional shipments” for LTL shippers.

What should you do as a shipper?  Read carrier contracts closely, now more than ever.  Look closely at the section that outlines “accessorial fee schedules...especially changes related to detention”.  Play it safe and make sure that you always know exactly where your shipments are, and do your best to keep them on schedule to avoid having to pay extra fees.  Also, make moves to take “control of the delivery schedule requirements for your suppliers and for your customers”.

Do your part to stay in the know about your carrier contracts, and check out the full article for more information: