A Thought on Autonomous Trucks


Logistics Viewpoints’ writer Steve Banker recently posted a piece commenting on the current state of autonomous trucking.  Here is a synopsis of what Banker had to say on this contemporary topic:

According to this article, Banker believes that autonomous trucks are on their way; it is just a matter of when they will arrive fully to the scene.  One way to speed up this process is if “states and the federal government invest infrastructure to promote their development,” says Banker. He sees it more as a political holdup, than a technological one.  There will be tension surrounding the topic, seeing as a rise in autonomous trucking means a drop in trucking jobs for real people.  

However, we would potentially see a rise in warehousing jobs.  Also, Banker mentioned the fact that “the hours of service regulations will not apply”, allows for the potential of fresher produce coming from across the country.  The article also comments that this produce might then be cheaper, as well. If you are not paying a person to drive the fruits and vegetables to you, the cost could be less in the end.  

Along with costs varying, the safety of autonomous trucking is a concern for those on the road.  Are these trucks as safe as having a truck driver? There are mixed reviews on safety; some individuals find autonomous trucks more reliable without the human error, and others believe that human intuition and quick responses make for a safer trucking experience.  Whether or not autonomous trucks improve safety on the road is to be determined.  

While autonomous trucks do showcase new and improved technologies in our rapidly advancing society, they also bring concern and criticism as well.  Banker believes that we will see much more of autonomous trucking in the near future--opinions are likely to be much more solidified at that time. 

To read the full article, click here: https://logisticsviewpoints.com/2019/09/23/politics-and-autonomous-trucks/

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